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The CDC States There Is No Evidence Using A Facial Medical Mask Prevents Contracting The Covid-19 Virus. However, Such A Mask Assists In Preventing The Spread Of The Virus By Those Who Are Already Sick With The Virus. The Facial Masks Sold By Our Company Are Rated ASTM 1 Level, Performing At A 95% Filtration Rate Level, Or Better, For Particulates. But There Is No Proven Evidence The Use Of Them Prevents Contracting The Covid-19 Virus.

The Amount We Are Being Charged For Items We Are Selling You Grossly Exceeds The Price At Which We Previously Purchased These Items And Sold You Before The Coronavirus Pandemic. Therefore, The Increase In The Amount For Which You Are Being Charged For These Items Are Attributable To The Additional Costs Incurred By Us In Connection With Acquiring Them And Regional, National And International Market Trends.