TPH Spectra ST LV Comp A2 20pcs

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TPH Spectra ST Universal Composite Restorative is a visible light cured, radiopaque, composite restorative for anterior and posterior restorations and cosmetic and functional reshaping of primary and permanent teeth. The shading system for TPH Spectra ST Universal Composite Restorative is designed to achieve shade match to the full 16-shade VITA 1 range with a minimized number of universal shades. The strong chameleon effect of 5 moderate translucency shades, named A1 to A4, provide coverage for the full 16-shade VITA range. A custom blended shade guide is available to guide the clinician in shade selection, and a smart i-shade label can be applied to VITA shade guides for quick shade translation. Available Shades Body shades • A1 (= VITA shades A1, B1, C1) • A2 (= VITA shades A2, B2, D2) • A3 (= VITA shades A3, C2, D3, D4) • A3.5 (= VITA shades A3.5, B3, B4, C3) • A4 (= VITA shades A4, C4) • BW (Bleach White)