Medical Grade ASTM 3 Blue Masks WITH SHIELD 25/PK By Unipack/Dukal




  HIGHEST LEVEL OF PROTECTION !   ASTM Level 3 Medical Certified PFE exceeds 99% 4-ply, 4-fold Level 3 Extra soft and comfortable High breathability Fluid resistant Latex and fiberglass free Bonus Chin Strip ANTI FOG SHIELD    IMPORTANT: The filtration efficiency and protective ability of a face mask is compromised when the mask becomes wet, torn or dislodged. In general, the higher protection value of a mask the longer it will maintain filtration; however, there is no set rule for how long a mask should be worn as it depends on humidity levels, respiration rate, nasal discharge, talking, etc.   A face mask should be worn for only one patient procedure or visit. If a mask gets wet or soiled it should be replaced immediately.